Le Ricette di Nonna Wanda | Nonna Wanda’s Recipes

Italian Recipes from Nonna’s Kitchen

Both my grandmothers, Nonna Niny on my father’s side and Nonna Wanda on my mother’s side, have heavily influenced my passion for food and cooking.

Both my grandmothers cooked food that was a hybrid of various Italian regions.  Nonna Niny, originally from Sardinia and living in Abbruzo, brought a mixture of delicious food from both regions to the table.  Hopefully, with the help of my Zia Mariella (Aunt Mariella) in Sardinia, I’ll be able to build a collection of her recipes on here soon, too.

Nonna Wanda
My “Nonna Wanda” – my maternal Grandmother and the inspiration behind much of my cooking

Nonna Wanda was originally from the Veneto region, then moved to Rome.  She cooked many traditional Roman dishes, but often put her own twist on them.  I have a very strong emotional attachment to the recipes Nonna Wanda used to cook for me.  With my Zia Emilia’s (my Aunt Emilia) help, I am building my collection of Nonna Wanda’s recipes to keep them going from generation to generation and recreate some of her food magic in my own kitchen.

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