Recipe for Happiness | A Happiness book with recipes

What is the Recipe for Happiness?

Frederika Roberts, The Happiness Speaker, Author & Blogger has pulled together her own essential ingredients for happiness…

Research has shown that happiness leads to greater success but author Frederika Roberts – mother, wife, business owner and speaker – believes many of us ‘put off’ being happy. Within ‘Recipe for Happiness’ Frederika shares her essential ingredients for a fulfilled and happy present, together with tips and tools that everyone can apply to their life at home and at work for greater success, whatever their goals.

Supplementing Frederika’s practical advice are some of her favourite recipes, as cooking and sharing food with friends and family is at the core of her life and has helped her cope with her own ordeals and challenges. From Frederika’s own creations to Italian classics, the nine recipes included in this book are simple yet delicious.

This book will inspire and motivate you towards greater success, and it will leave your taste buds in rapture!

Recipe for Happiness was published in paperback in 2013 by Solopreneur.  It is available to order here.

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  1. That’s brilliant, need to make a note of “pub. date” to get a copy

    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment 🙂

      It was published in December last year as a paperback and in January this year as an e-book.

      You can get the paperback here, and the e-book on Amazon and Google Play.

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