Tuna & Cheese Melt in Wholewheat Pitta

Extremely quick lunch idea and much lower fat & calorie content than a traditional Tuna Melt, therefore you can enjoy this guilt-free as often as you like!! 🙂

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 5 mins
Serves: 2
Under 300kcals per serving
One portion shown in this picture
  • 2 Wholemeal Pitta Breads
  • 1 tin John West No Drain Tuna Steaks in a little olive oil (you can use different tuna, e.g. in brine, but I personally particularly like this one as it is a happy middle ground between tuna drenched in olive oil and tuna in brine)
  • 15g mature English Cheddar Cheese, grated (you can use any cheese of your choice, of course)
  • 1 large spring onion (the salad variety that is beautifully over-sized…otherwise use 2-3 standard spring onions), finely chopped

Flake the tuna with a fork
Add the finely chopped spring onion and grated cheese
Slightly heat each pitta bread (don’t toast it to the point of browning…I find that a few seconds in the microwave works well here) so it inflates to allow you to slice it open
Using a sharp knife, slice into the pitta bread to open it up as a pocket
Insert half the tuna, cheese & spring onion mixture into each pitta pocket
Place into a pre-heated flat-surfaced non-stick toasted sandwich maker
Press down the top of the sandwich maker & cook until the pitta is nicely browned & crispy and the cheese has melted (you’re likely to hear it all sizzling beautifully and your kitchen will smell good enough to eat!)
Serve & eat…

…Gloriously Simple, Gloriously Good!

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