This is a milkshake I am enjoying for my breakfasts on the post-gastric-sleeve liquid diet.  It is important for me to add protein to what little I can ingest during this time, which means that the ingredients I use make this milkshake particularly rich, thick and creamy-tasting.  This could be a great milkshake for anyone looking for a high-protein shake to fill themselves up more or to supplement their exercise regime. 

thick and creamy high-protein banana milkshake

Ingredients (makes two small glasses)

  • half a small ripe banana
  • approx. 150ml fortified milk (To make the fortified milk, use powdered milk and follow the instructions on the pack, but instead of water, mix the powder with semi-skimmed milk;  I use lactose-free milk powder as, although not lactose-intolerant, I am a bit sensitive to high amounts of it)
  • one scoop or heaped tablespoon of powdered flavourless whey protein


Place all the ingredients in a fine blender (I use my Nutribullet), blend thoroughly so all ingredients combine and there are no banana pieces left. 

Pour and serve immediately. 

Gloriously simple, gloriously good!

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